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Tenor sax, Piano and Percussion

fl, cl =(bcl), pno, vln, vlc

Soprano and Double bass

bfl (=fl), perc, pno, vln, vla, vlc

bfl (=fl) , bcl, perc, hrp

fl (=afl) , cl (=bcl), perc, vln, sop

Bcl, Tpt, Tbn, Bar

fl, ob, cl (=bcl), perc, hrp, gtr, mand, vln, vla, vlc, db,


For four Musicians


Even now we where on the boat, even now I was leaving, I was out at sea, when all at once the falling-due of a debt, unhappiness, he of the faithful memory, appeared and said: ''It is I, you hear me. Come now, return! '' - and he swept me up, losing no time about it, pulled me back as one draws in one's tounge.
Destiny - Henri Michaux Translated by George Dillon.

Written for and premiered by Ensemble Adapter to be in Hannover, September 2019.




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