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Tenor sax, Piano and Percussion

fl, cl =(bcl), pno, vln, vlc

Soprano and Double bass

bfl (=fl), perc, pno, vln, vla, vlc

bfl (=fl) , bcl, perc, hrp

fl (=afl) , cl (=bcl), perc, vln, sop

Bcl, Tpt, Tbn, Bar

fl, ob, cl (=bcl), perc, hrp, gtr, mand, vln, vla, vlc, db,

Through the whole fabric of my being

For String quartet


Through the whole fabric of my being is a piece concerned with memory. It focuses on an attemp to grasp an idea, but somehow it always seems to be impossible to grab. When a semblance of what the idea finally comes to light it immediately starts to crumble and fade away again. To be gone forever.


Premiered by Quatuor Diotima at Musiikin aika in Viitasaari.





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