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Tenor sax, Piano and Percussion

fl, cl =(bcl), pno, vln, vlc

Soprano and Double bass

bfl (=fl), perc, pno, vln, vla, vlc

bfl (=fl) , bcl, perc, hrp

fl (=afl) , cl (=bcl), perc, vln, sop

Bcl, Tpt, Tbn, Bar

fl, ob, cl (=bcl), perc, hrp, gtr, mand, vln, vla, vlc, db,


For four Musicians


“Flash blindness n. 

Temporary loss of vision produced when retinal light-sensitive pigments are bleached by light more intense than that to which the retina is physiologically adapted at that moment.”


The bursts of sounds leave behind memories of themselves in the form of a resonance, slowly opening up the ears that where blinded before, to a gentle more intimate space.

Written for and premiered by Loadbang  in January 2018, in New York.




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